Invest In Your Health. You’re Worth It.

Invest in yourself. You're worth it. confessions of a body

Invest In Your Health. You’re Worth It.

When we invest in ourselves, we are ensuring a happy, vibrant, prosperous life full of good food, good experiences, and good people.  Good health is something that is earned. It’s hard work to stay healthy. It takes time, knowledge, commitment and money. In order to prevent disease and other poor health related issues, we must invest in ourselves.  Invest in your health. You’re worth it.


We must invest in good quality food

Food should be your medicine. It should be the number one way you stay healthy. Eating a properly prepared nutrient-dense whole food diet is critical for optimal health. It can be time consuming to prepare whole foods and can be expensive to invest in good quality foods. However, your body will thank you for it. You will have a better quality of life. Not only will you feel great when you invest in food but you will be saving yourself from a slow deterioration of your health. This leads to endless doctors’ visits and medications that end up costing a lot more than buying and eating good quality whole food.


We must invest in food prep

It takes time to prepare real food. Food of convenience may be a quick solution, but it typically contributes to poor health. Foods of convenience are usually heavily processed and devoid of nutrients. Making batch meals is a great way to save time while eating healthy. One day a week take time to prep food and prepare meals for the upcoming week. This way you have healthy options at hand all week long. Cooking in crockpots is also a great way to save time because you can combine lots of healthy vegetables and meats and let it cook while you’re at work all day. When you get home, dinner is ready and as an added bonus your home smells amazing!

Invest your time in your health and your body will thank you with increased energy and motivation. Which in turn will make meal prepping feel even easier.


We must invest in exercise

Exercise has an ever-expanding list of health benefits. Exercise improves energy, increases circulation, stimulates your immune system, and makes you feel and look good. There are many ways to exercise. You don’t need a gym membership or to even step outside of your home to work out. The key is to be consistent. Make it a habit by carving out time to exercise. It can be as simple as going for a walk every day. Joining a class like yoga or kickboxing can be a fun way to exercise. Get creative. There are lots of gyms offering fun workout classes. Find what you like and stick to it.


We must invest in our mental health

You deserve to be happy. Sometimes we see happiness in junk food or comfort food. We get satisfaction out of indulging. However, that satisfaction is temporary. Unfortunately, the ramifications on your health both mental and physical are long term. Investing in eating right is investing in your mental health. You are supplying your body with the nutrients it needs for optimal mental functioning when you eat right.

Find destressing techniques and take time out of each day to focus on you. Doing something you enjoy is vital for mental health. Taking time to do things you enjoy isn’t selfish. It is necessary. When you are happy it shows. It rubs off on other people and enhances your experience with those around you.


We must invest in our relationships

Relationships take work, and compromise. Investing in our relationships with our loved ones and friends, surrounds you with a top-notch support system. It is also important to weed out your negative relationships. Taking the time to determine who is building you up and bringing you down is essential to knowing who is deserving of your time. Anyone who brings negativity and despair into your life should be cut out if possible. Negative relationships bring about, at a minimum, unnecessary stress which negatively impacts your health. Investing in the relationships that build one another up, sets you up for happiness, success, and good health.


We must invest in ourselves

You are your best advocate. You must rely on yourself. You need to make the decision to invest in yourself. You need to want good health. You need to do something about it. You don’t have to go through the journey alone. Surrounding yourself with friends, family, and even qualified practitioners that support you and build you up is crucial for good sustainable health. However, when it comes down to it, you need to want to invest in your health and quality of life.

Each day we have a choice. Honor and take care of your body or ignore it and do/eat whatever you like. The good news is it is YOUR choice. If you get derailed you can choose to get back on track again.

Choose health. Choose to invest in you!

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